“I am so happy to be a Kitt Crusaders sponsor, and donate monies to their cause.” Carlos Cymerman, Founder of Recruiting for Good, Every Placement Saves a Life


An amazing kitty angel has offered to match up to $1500 in donations! Please donate so we can help Marisol, the new kittens, the new cats from the Downey shelter and all the other beasts we are responsible for! Donations can be made via PayPal or mary@kittcrusaders.com or right here on the site.  Purr-fection!...
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Help us raise 10K right meow!

Before we can rescue any new cats, we need to get paid up at our three amazing vets and our wonderful free-roaming boarding facility, Londoloza! You can make a tax-deductible donation right here. We are still in the middle of kitten season and the shelter is red listing cats daily.  We cannot save any more until we are paid up. We have rescued over 100 cats and kittens so far this year, but have been plagued with...
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Kitts of the Week: Charlie and Bravo!

Such a pair of clowns!  Charlie and Bravo are an inseparable duo. If you like to take pictures, these are your guys, if you can get them to slow down long enough to pose. Their play sessions are epic, unending and straight up hysterical! They should be named Prozac and Lithium with the laughter they’ll bring into your life! And as if that wasn’t enough, they are fantastic with all other cats, so they’d be...
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Feral cat rescue emergency! Donations needed!

Six cats (2 pictured) need to be out of the shelter by 4pm tomorrow or will be euthanized to free up cage space!  (Quite often they’re not feral, just scurred!) We can save them if we can raise funds for vetting.  $900 is needed ($150/cat) to cover the basics, and hope none of them are sick or have other medical issues. Donations can be made right here on the website!...
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$5 Friday Time!

Meowbert here is worried about his kitty friends still at the shelter and wanted us to ask you if you would donate $5 today to help us keep saving kitts from the shelter!nnPlease donate via PayPal to mary@kittcrusaders.com or here on the website. Tabby power!!...
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Kitt of the Day: Mogli!

Strike a pose!  Mogli remembers his time in the jungle, which you can tell by the way he lounges on counters, window sills, or anything branch-like – dangling one leg over the edge with total confidence. He’s a big boy with a mysterious kitten meow!  Mogli loves to race around, followed up by some serious loving!  Who doesn’t love that?!  Interested?  Contact us at mary@kittcrusaders.org....
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Kitt of the Day: Sadie!

Shy Sadie is a 9 year old sweetie pie who is a bit timid at first, but just loooooves to be petted, and have her tummy rubbed!   She would be ideal for a calm, quiet household – maybe the occasional Beatles album?  (Can’t imagine why.) Sadie is already spayed, up to date on shots and testing. For more info, contact Nelia at nelia@kittcrusaders.com...
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Kitt of the Day: Angel, AKA The Spoon!

Angel likes to tap his little paw on your chin if you’re not paying attention! Named for the wings on his back, he absolutely adores water – the sink’s his favorite, and he will even let the water pour all over him!! This lovable odd duck also loves to go back and forth between snuggling in your armpit (hence the Spoon) and dashing around, exploring your house.  Never a dull moment with The Spoon! If you’re ready for a guardian Angel, contact us...
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Kitt of the Day: Larchmont Lucy!

Rescued from a house that was sold on our adoption street, Larchmont Lucy is a young tortie at about 1.5 years old   Lucy is a “rolling tortie”  she just looooves to roll around on her back and have her belly rubbed! Current on everything but a home – that’s where you come in! LUCY IS FeLV+.  For more info, contact Nelia at nelia@kittcrusaders.com....
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